Museum in a Box

Nevada Animals Museum in a Box with its contents

We know field trips are not always possible, and for that reason, the museum has created a range of themed education materials called “Museum in a Box” (you may have known them previously as Traveling Trunks).  Topics include the human history and natural history of Nevada and are designed specifically for educators.

Boxes are free to use for two weeks at a time AND delivered for free to CCSD schools in the Las Vegas Valley – thanks to the Friends of NSMLV and STG Logistics!

Contents include touchable artifacts, curriculum objectives, photographs, videos, books, posters, readings, games, activities and more.  Plus they come with study guides and the state standards already listed, so you can check off what you have covered.

Find out more about each box from the clickable list below, or to book click here.

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These teacher resources are always in demand, if you wish to donate funds towards the upkeep of these wonderful educational assets, or the delivery of the boxes to Clark County schools, or you would like to sponsor a box in your family name or that of a company, please email us on for details