Museum in a Box

Created in 1996 as Travelling Trunks, the Museum in a Box program is our way of bringing the museum to students through themed educational materials. Topics include the human and natural history of Nevada and are designed specifically for educators.

Boxes are free to use for two weeks at a time AND delivered for free to CCSD schools in the Las Vegas Valley, thanks to generous support from the Friends of The Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas and Run It Delivery!

Contents include touchable artifacts, curriculum objectives, photographs, videos, books, posters, readings, games, activities, and more. Plus, they come with study guides and the state standards already listed, so you can check off what you have covered.

Find out more about each box from the clickable list below.

Themes are regularly updated through research and consideration of the Nevada Academic Content Standards. Additional themes will be made available soon. For more information, queries and cancellations, please contact

Booking a Museum in a Box

Boxes will be available to reserve for the 2024-2025 school year starting Monday, July 29th, 2024.

Due to limited availability, only one box can be booked per teacher for the school year until Nevada Day. Reservations for multiple boxes are subject to be canceled. If you would like to receive additional boxes, please email to inquire.

Boxes are available to book with a delivery/start date of Mondays only, beginning Monday, August 12th, 2024. The last reservations for the school year will start on Monday, May 5th, 2025.

Please select the Monday you wish to have the box delivered, and the boxes available on that date will be displayed. There are some Mondays that are unavailable due to recognized holidays. Boxes must be booked a week before the desired Monday delivery date.

Using a Museum in a Box

Depending on the theme reserved, Museum in a Box comes with a wide variety of materials for the classroom. Teachers can expect to receive:

  • A Teacher Handbook, with background information and lesson plans
  • Simulated activities
  • Images pertaining to the theme(s)
  • Touchable artifacts

Returning The Museum in a Box

Collection of the box from your school will always be the third Friday after your delivery. Starting in the 2024-2025 school year, all Museum in a Box reservations are for three weeks.

When finished using the contents of your Museum in a Box, please repack everything neatly for the next user. Boxes not packed with care or that are returned with damaged or missing objects are subject to a $25 maintenance fee. If it is determined that there should be a fee applied for repairs, the school will be invoiced and unallowed to reserve another box until the fee is satisfied.  

You will receive a reminder prior to the box’s collection. Please have the box packed up neatly and ready for pick-up on the date provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I reserve a Museum in the Box?
    • To reserve a box, click the Book a Museum in a Box button above. Scroll using the calendar to the Monday you would like to receive a box and click to see the availability of the boxes. Select the box theme you want to reserve and click “Book Now.” Complete the online form.
  • How is the box delivered to my class?
    • On the Monday you selected a delivery company called Run It Delivery will pick the box up from the Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas and deliver the box to your school. Please check with your front office. If you do not receive your box by the end of the day, please email
  • What is included in a Museum in a Box?
    • The items included in a box depend on the box theme. Every box contains a Teacher Handbook, with background information and sample lesson plans for suggested activities. Each box will also contain photographs, books, artifacts, and additional objects related to the theme.
  • How do I use a Museum in a Box?
    • This depends on you and your curriculum. Boxes satisfy some of Nevada’s Academic Content Standards for science and social sciences but are meant to enhance your instruction. You can use the lessons provided or simply use the resources and objects to show students in person what they are learning about.
  • How long can I keep a Museum in a Box?
    • Starting this school year, you can have the Museum in a Box for three weeks! Drop-off is on Mondays and the boxes are collected on the third Friday.
  • When is the Museum in a Box picked up?
    • On the third Friday of the reservation, unless a holiday, by Run It Delivery. You will be emailed a reminder prior to the pick-up.
  • How can I submit feedback about my Museum in a Box experience?
  • Is there a cost to reserving a Museum in a Box?
    • No, reservations and delivery are free! If anything is lost or damaged, you may be charged a maintenance fee.
  • Can I reserve more than one Museum in a Box?
    • When the boxes are available, possibly yes. At the moment, some of our themes are being refurbished, so due to limited availability, teachers can only reserve one per school year through Nevada Day. Then they are able to reserve more. If you are interested in reserving more themes, please email to inquire.

For more information or questions, contact


These teacher resources are always in demand, if you wish to donate funds towards the upkeep of these wonderful educational assets, or the delivery of the boxes to Clark County schools, or you would like to sponsor a box in your family name or that of a company, please call (702) 822-8739 or email for more information.