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No visit to the museum is complete without a stop by our Museum Store! Come in and shop our expanding book collection, Nevada and NSMLV souvenirs, accessories, novelty items, and more. Your purchase helps fund important educational programs and collections at the museum. And remember, museum members receive a 15% store discount!

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The Secret Genesis of Area 51

In 1955, the Central Intelligence Agency established a clandestine base of operations in the Nevada desert with a mission to protect the United States from a growing communist threat. Special projects at Area 51 were shrouded in mystery, and the first was one of the world’s most famous spy planes, the U-2. It fueled half-truths, rumors and legends for more than half a century. Now with many details of that endeavor declassified, the real story can finally be told. Author and Area 51 veteran TD Barnes sifts fact from fiction in one of America’s most protected origin stories.

Paperback $21.99

Images of America: Nevada Test Site

Since Pres. Harry Truman established the Nevada Test Site (NTS) in December 1950, it has played a vital role in the security of the United States. For four decades, the test site’s primary purpose was developmental testing of nuclear explosives. Atmospheric tests conducted over Yucca Flat and Frenchman Flat between 1951 and 1962 involved thousands of Army troops and Marines simulating nuclear battlefield conditions. Civil defense planners studied blast and radiation effects and evaluated bomb shelter designs.

Paperback $21.99

The Nevada Collection from ANJU™ Jewelry

Show your love of our great state with these wonderful Nevada themed pieces of rustic and trendy jewelry.

Necklaces, earrings, bracelet: $12.00 – $20.00

NSMLV Gaming Chips

Everyone’s a winner in our Museum Store! These are real chips manufactured right here in Las Vegas! Various Nevada images on the chips, collect them all!

$3.00 each

Chala™ Handbags

Celebrate the flora & fauna of Nevada with these beautifully detailed handbags crafted of vegan leather.

Handbags, cell phone X-body bags, coin/key fobs: $17.00 – $58.00

The Civilian Conservation Corps in Nevada

The Civilian Conservation Corps in Nevada is the first comprehensive history of the Nevada CCC, a program designed to help the nation get back on its feet, and of the “boys” who did so much to restore Nevada’s lands and resources. The book is based on extensive research in private manuscript collections, unpublished memoirs, CCC inspectors’ reports, and other records. The book also includes period photographs depicting the Nevada CCC and its activities.

Paperback $24.95