School Field Trips

Explore the great state of Nevada with a field trip to the Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas!

Field trips are for any school-aged group and can be self-guided or guided.

Field Trips to NSMLV offer:

  • FREE admission to the museum
  • Exhibits on Nevada’s natural history and cultural history
  • Hands-on activities in the exhibits
  • Gallery worksheets available upon request
  • Museum staff led activities*
  • Guided tours for groups of 40 or less*
  • Satisfies K-12 Social Studies and Science Nevada Academic Content Standards

    *At an additional cost and dependent on staff availability.

Plan Your NSMLV Field Trip

Field trips are available Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays between 10 am through 12 pm. Field trips requesting a guided tour or activity must be booked at least three weeks before the requested field trip date.

Choose Your Experience

Tours are adaptable to any grade level and designed to meet the Nevada Academic Content Standards.

Natural Nevada

What makes the flora and fauna found in Nevada flourish in a diverse landscape of extremes? Explore Nevada’s unique topography and biology through time to see how they have survived by adapting to the environment.

In this tour, students will explore the geology of Nevada and how the landscape has changed throughout the passage of time. They will look at fossils and explore how wildlife has adjusted to survive such drastic environmental changes. This tour can also address the natural resources found in Nevada and how industrial developments have shaped the Silver State’s history through mining.

Nevada Past to Present

People have called Nevada home for centuries. Uncover their stories and how they helped build the Nevada we know today. Take a trip through a timeline of Nevada and learn about Nevada’s first peoples, the pioneers who made Nevada their home, how Nevada became a state, and how Las Vegas developed into the entertainment capital of the world.

This tour will focus on the early days of Nevada. Students will discover the history of the land, wildlife, people, and industrial innovations that have developed the nation’s seventh-largest state.

Quick Tour: Nevada State Symbols

Short on time but want to learn about the great state of Nevada? Utilize our quick tour of Nevada by exploring the state’s symbols and journey to statehood.

Booking Your Field Trip

All field trips require a reservation. You will receive a confirmation packet outlining your field trip’s details once your field trip date is confirmed. Whether you are on a self-guided or guided field trip, staff will meet your group at the museum entrance for a quick orientation.

School field trips are available from August to May every school calendar year on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays, but are limited to no more than 40 students at one time. Field trips are available for all ages.

To book a school field trip, please click HERE and complete the request form.

State Reimbursement for Transportation

All Nevada public schools are eligible for bus reimbursement to visit a state museum. For more information on the reimbursement program, click here.
For more information or questions, please contact

PLEASE NOTE: Your reservation with the NSMLV does not give you access to the rest of the Springs Preserve campus. The Springs book their field trips separately. If you plan on visiting Springs Preserve, please make a separate reservation at the Springs Preserve website here.


  • We request at least one chaperone for every five students. There is no admission charge for chaperones.
  • Students should always stay with their teacher or chaperone.
  • No food, drinks, or gum are allowed in the galleries. Items can be left at the front desk and picked up before exiting the museum.
  • Students can touch our identified hands-on exhibits, but please touch them gently. If you are unsure whether something can be touched, please ask.
  • Do not sit or climb on the exhibits. If there is a rope or glass in front of an exhibit, please do not touch it.
  • We ask that school groups be courteous to the other museum visitors by using inside voices.
  • Photography is allowed.
  • Students are welcome to shop in the museum store. Only five students are allowed in the store at one time, and they must be accompanied by a chaperone.

For more information or questions, contact or call 702-822-8746. To book a non-school group tour, please email