Virtual Field Trips

Learners who can’t visit the museum in person are invited to join us for a virtual field trip. Have fun and learn something new while exploring different areas of the museum from your own home or classroom. Each activity is connected to education standards and includes a quiz or worksheet so you can see what you’ve learned.

If you have any questions or suggestions for additional topics to explore, please contact the Curator of Learning and Engagement at


Meet some of the museum’s fossils & explore 225 million years of Nevada’s prehistory.

The Land

See some of the plants and animals that call Nevada home, and learn about the different places they inhabit.

The People

Learn about past Nevadans and the roles they played to create the Nevada we know today.

Hoover Dam

Watch this footage of the building of Hoover Dam to see some of the death defying work that went into its construction. (Please note that the video has no sound.)

Las Vegas Geology

Did you know there are ocean fossils on top of Mt. Charleston? Watch this video featuring UNLV Geology Professor Dr. Steve Rowland to find out why.

Classic Las Vegas

Take a look at this promotional video from the 1960s. How has the entertainment industry in Las Vegas changed since then, and how do you think it will change in the future?