Las Vegas Civil Rights

Las Vegas Civil Rights, honoring Claytee White

Dr. Charles I. West

Dr. Charles I. West – the first African American doctor in southern Nevada who worked to advance the cause of civil rights in Las Vegas. Photo: Copyright NSMLV, Florian Mitchell Collection

Content of the Civil Rights trunk

Content of the Civil Rights Museum in a Box

This Museum in a Box captures the histories of African Americans within Southern Nevada and the individuals who led the charge for fighting for equal rights within Las Vegas.

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The box is designed for elementary school-aged/middle school children to learn about the following:

  • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
  • The Moulin Rouge Agreement of 1960 (A verbal agreement)
  • The Consent Decree of 1971
  • National Welfare Rights Organization
  • The individuals that are featured in the presentation are:
    • Bob Bailey – Entertainer, Social Activist and first African American TV Personality
    • Hattie Canty – First African American President of Culinary Union 226
    • Ruby Duncan – Leader of Welfare Rights For Southern Nevada
    • Charles L. Kellar – First African American Attorney in the State of Nevada
    • Alice Key – Journalist and TV Personality
    • James McMillan – First African American Dentist in Las Vegas
    • Faye Todd – First Las Vegas Mid-Level Manager
    • Charles I. West – First African American Doctor in Las Vegas

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