Children Past & Present

This Museum in a Box will give students a peek into children’s lives over a century ago, allowing them to compare and contrast their own lives with children from the past.

A toy, a game, a funny story read from an old primer – all these things can ‘connect’ students to the past. Students will be able to play with old-fashioned toys (some similar and some very different from the toys they have at home!).

They will also learn about what it was like to be a student in the 19th century. While some things are different, students today are reaching for the same goals students in Nevada pursued over a century ago:

  • Learning to read and do mathematics
  • Learning to write
  • Learning to master language
  • Preparing to become adults in their communities

Click here to download more information about the contents.

Click here to download a presentation about what school days in old Las Vegas were like.

Photo of the contents of the Children Past and Present