Paleontology & Fossils

This Museum in a Box provides a great hands-on experience with real fossils as well as books, activities, and games.

Students will explore more about fossils and learn:

  • What is paleontology and how does that differ from archeology?
  • What types of fossils are there and how are they formed?
  • What geological ages have passed since the Earth formed?
  • Where are fossils found, and how do you dig for fossils? Comes equipped with an actual dig for the students to do!
  • What can we learn from fossils?
  • What lived on land and in the seas during the age of dinosaurs, and how had they adapted for their habitats?

Students will consider these questions -and more- while also learning about potential careers in paleontology.

Picture of the contents of the Paleo and Fossil Museum in a Box