Paleontology & Fossils

Picture of the contents of the Paleo and Fossil Museum in a Box

Contents of the Paleontology and Fossil Museum in a Box

This Museum in a Box leads students to explore more about fossils.

  • What is paleontology and how does that differ to archaeology?
  • What types of fossils are there and how are they formed?
  • What geological ages have passed since the Earth formed?
  • Where are they found, and how do you dig for fossils?  Comes equipped with an actual dig for the students to do!
  • What can we learn from them?
  • What lived on land and in the seas during the age of the dinosaurs, and how had they adapted for their habitats?

Students will consider these questions – and more – while also learning about potential careers in paleontology.  A real hands-on experience with real fossils as well as books, activities and games. 

Aimed at 4th grade, but easily accommodated for younger or older students.   

Download the Educators handbook (in powerpoint format) here.

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