Lilly Fong Online Exhibit

Discover more about Lilly Fong and her working wardrobe of the day

Lilly Fong was a dynamic, hard-working business woman, educator, and dedicated fundraiser who lived with her family in Las Vegas. She was a champion for education throughout her lifetime – a believer in Confucius’ saying “Education is the equalizer of all”.  Click here to find out more about her life and achievements.

Lilly had a wardrobe that not only reflected the fashions of the day, but was comfortable, colorful, and always chic. Her clothes reflected her personality. She donated some of her clothes to the museum, and for the first time, we are showcasing them here.

Discover the woman through her wardrobe – click on the images below to explore her day, evening, and work wear.

NSMLV thanks Amber RueLas, UNLV Regent Service Student, for co-curating this exhibit.

Day Wear

Evening Wear

Work Wear