Lilly Fong – Cream and Brown Tweed Drop Waist Day Dress

This is a drop waist dress  with a plaid tweed style black, brown, and white patterned skirt, cuffs, collar, and strip down the front. The main body of the dress and sleeves are of a cream woolen material. The brand of dress is Julie J. from California. The drop waist style would have allowed for comfortable movement, well suited to Lilly as an educator and an active member of the Las Vegas community. 

 Drop waist style dresses first appeared in the 1920s in conjunction with the rise of the “flapper” and an increase in women’s liberation. Coco Chanel popularized the “garconne look,” a term which refers to the “boyish,” playful, and rebellious style. They were a break from the usually tight fitted, restrictive corseted style of dress of previous eras. The style re-emerged in the 1960s with a more closely fitted, sporty style, such as this one, which allowed for active movement.  Click here to return to the exhibit.