Lilly Fong – Pink Lace Cocktail Dress

This is a pink drop waist dress with a pleated chiffon skirt and long chiffon cuffed sleeves. It has a round high neck line. The main body of the dress has a white diamond patterned lace overlay. The same lace appears around the cuffs of the sleeves and around the waist there is a satin or silk belt with a ribbon resting on the left hip. 

 This dress, with its more loosely fitted upper body and square silhouette, takes inspiration from the 1920s drop waist style which elongated the body and emphasized boyish femininity and playfulness. The style allows for more free and comfortable movement which is further aided by the inclusion of a pleated skirt. Pleated dresses in women’s fashion were introduced by designer Mariano Fortuney in the early 20th century as a groundbreaking move from the constraints of more restrictive clothing.

This is fitting of Lilly Fong’s taste for clothing that is both flexible and feminine.  Click here to return to the exhibit.