Find Your Folklife – Thaysha Groves

I’m a ranch wife….

…I was introduced to the “Buckaroo” lifestyle when I moved to Nevada with my new hubby in 2007. We live on and operate a beautiful ranch in Elko County.

When I’m at home, working on the ranch, I am in a hat—and manly overalls, and the cutest thing I might have on is my earrings. But when I come to town I love to dress up and wear fun things.

The Buckaroo Boutique started out as home parties and local holiday shopping events. A few years later I started doing mail order and opened the storefront in Elko. Our mission: Build a lifelong tribe and look good doing it.

May you find love in everything you do…and may you wear something no one else wants to!

Thaysha Groves, Groves Cattle Company, Deeth