Kay Starr

On November 3rd 2016, singer and dancer Kay Starr passed away. An occasional performer at the Las Vegas Strip

Kay Starr performing at the Sahara

Kay Starr performing at the Sahara

casinos, Kay also sang at Harry S. Truman’s presidential inauguration in 1945. She went on to achieve gold with her signature song ‘Wheel of Fortune’. Kay could tackle almost every genre of song, from pop to rock ‘n’ roll, from country to jazz. Most of her archives were destroyed in the fire at Universal in 2008, but we have a film in our collections of her performing at the Sahara Las Vegas in 1963 with the Stanley Boys and the Moro-Landis dancers. ‘

Click here for a clip of that film.
With thanks to Jeff Alpert, whose donation to digitize this 16mm film made preserving this history possible.