Red Rock Resort
April 18, 2021 | Category: Casinos, History, Places | Tags:

On April 18th 2006, Red Rock Resort in Summerlin opened its doors. Named after the local Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, it was built at a cost of $925 million.

Image of the exterior of Red Rock Resort

It has a contemporary design involving a desert-themed influence, although there are touches […]

Las Vegas Convention Center first convention: The World Congress of Flight
April 12, 2021 | Category: History, Places | Tags:
Las Vegas Convention Center hosting the The World Congress of Flight convention

On April 12th 1959, the Las Vegas Convention Center hosted its very first convention: The World Congress of Flight, which gave the public the opportunity to see space and aviation progress across the globe. It was accompanied by a […]

Joe Louis
April 12, 2021 | Category: Casinos, History, People, Places | Tags:
Joe Louis in front of the Moulin Rouge Hotel and Casino before the Helldorado parade in 1955

On April 12th 1981, Joe Louis passed away in Las Vegas. Born in Lafayette, Alabama, in 1914, Joe and his family moved away from the discrimination they encountered when he was still young to […]

The Cofferdam Construction on Hoover Dam
April 6, 2021 | Category: History, Places | Tags:
Construction of the upper coffer dam – pouring concrete onto the dam face.

By mid April in 1933 the two cofferdams that kept the waters of the Colorado River at bay during the construction work on Boulder Dam, now Hoover Dam, were complete.

Diversion tunnels had been excavated to take the course […]

Updating Our Geologic Story in the Galleries
April 4, 2021 | Category: exhibits, family, History, Places | Tags:

The museum would like to say thank you to local experts who participated in updating our Geologic Story exhibit in the permanent gallery.

Pamela Prim with part of the new geological story exhibit

Reaching out to experts within our community provides opportunities for long lasting partnerships and benefits the museum in many […]

New Frontier Hotel and Casino
April 4, 2021 | Category: Casinos, History, Places | Tags:
Postcard of the outside the New Frontier

On April 4th 1955 the newly renamed Hotel New Frontier opened its doors after a major refurbishment. Located opposite where the Encore now stands, it had originally opened as the Last Frontier on Highway 91 a year, where once the Pair O’Dice had sat.
Its […]

El Rancho Vegas
April 3, 2021 | Category: Casinos, History, People, Places | Tags:
El Rancho Vegas with signage for the Round-Up Room

On April 3rd 1941, the El Rancho Vegas opened on Highway 91, (opposite today’s Sahara Hotel and Casino) on what was to become the Las Vegas Strip; the first large successful hotel and casino operation outside of downtown Las Vegas.

The El Rancho […]

The Green Book
February 19, 2021 | Category: education, History, People, Places | Tags:

Our Black History traveling trunk contains various objects for students to explore in addition to a video presentation. The item that is included is a 1949 edition of “The Negro Motorist Green Book”. This was an essential US guide for African Americans traveling during the segregation era.  It listed businesses and accommodations that welcomed […]

Paul Revere Williams
February 2, 2021 | Category: Casinos, education, general, History, People, Places | Tags:
Paul Revere Williams Credit:

We share this history, not only in recognition of #BlackHistoryMonth, but in recognition of a man who contributed so much to the design of some of Las Vegas’ most unique buildings, as well as residential homes, for which he had a particular passion.


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