Eilley Orrum Bowers
March 1, 2022 | Category: exhibits, general, History, People | Tags:
Eilley Orrum Bowers

Eilley Orrum Bowers, once the nation’s wealthiest women with an ultimately sad life story that is indicative of this ‘boom and bust’ era.

Come and see our hologram of Eilley talking about her life in our galleries. 

Born in Scotland, Eilley was one of a few women living in […]

Taxidermy animals need names
June 26, 2021 | Category: education, exhibits, family, Natural History, news | Tags:

Taxidermy animals need names: contest running at Las Vegas museum (ends June 27th 2021)
LAS VEGAS — What do you call a taxidermy bear? This is not a joke, but a real question being posed by the Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas. In July, the museum will display six taxidermy animals that the Friends of […]

Margaret Wheat
April 7, 2021 | Category: exhibits, History, Native Americans, People | Tags:
Margaret Wheat

Margaret Wheat (1908-1988) was a self-taught geologist and anthropologist with a special interest in ichthyosaurs – the Nevada State fossil.
Born to pioneer parents in Fallon, NV., she went on to study at the University of Nevada, Reno. Her field work experiences ranged from U.S. Geological Survey work to protecting […]

Updating Our Geologic Story in the Galleries
April 4, 2021 | Category: exhibits, family, History, Places | Tags:

The museum would like to say thank you to local experts who participated in updating our Geologic Story exhibit in the permanent gallery.

Pamela Prim with part of the new geological story exhibit

Reaching out to experts within our community provides opportunities for long lasting partnerships and benefits the museum in many […]

Sarah Winnemucca
March 25, 2021 | Category: exhibits, History, Native Americans, People | Tags:
Bronze statue of Sarah Winnemucca in the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C.

Sarah Winnemucca was born around 1844 in what is now Nevada, to Chief Winnemucca of the Paiutes. Her grandfather was Chief Truckee, leader of the Paiute nation, and he influenced her early upbringing and education. By the time she […]

Lilly Fong
March 8, 2021 | Category: education, exhibits, general, History, People | Tags:
Photo of Lilly Fong in 1985 standing outside the UNLV Geoscience Building named in her honor.

Lilly Fong (1925-2002) nee Hing, was a champion for education throughout her lifetime. Lilly’s deep-rooted belief in education stemmed from her childhood, instilled by her parents.  Her father was known to quote the teachings of Confucius as he agreed that ‘education was the equalizer of […]

New Exhibit – The Art of Crafting
July 21, 2020 | Category: exhibits, History, news, People | Tags:

The Art of Crafting

The Art of Crafting, features artifacts that showcase dressmaking, quilting, crochet and more.  The museum team was inspired by how many people have been completing unfinished craft projects or learning new skills while sheltering at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.  On returning to the museum, they began to wonder how many […]