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72 Years in Las Vegas

by Dr. Sarann Knight Preddy
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Dr. Sarann Knight Preddy, the first African American woman to be granted a gaming license in Nevada, wrote her illuminating memoir at age 94, both as her life story and the story of Las Vegas. Preddy’s collection of personal stories and photos span 72 years in the state, from World War II to Nevada’s 150th anniversary of statehood in 2014. Against the backdrop of gender and racial discrimination of midcentury Las Vegas, Preddy relates the pioneering spirit that allowed her to become one of the most influential community leaders in the city’s history.


The Westside Slugger

$32.00 + Shipping

The Westside Slugger is the powerful story of civil rights in Las Vegas and Nevada through the eyes and experience of Joe Neal, a history-making state lawmaker in Nevada. Neal rose from humble beginnings in Mound, Louisiana, during the Great Depression to become the first African American to serve in the Nevada State Senate. Learn about the late senator’s lasting achievements for all Nevadans, chronicled by award-winning author and native Nevadan John L. Smith.




Johnson-Jeffries: The Fight of the Century

$15.00 + shipping

On the Fourth of July in 1910, the railroad town of Reno, Nevada found itself the unlikely host of the Fight of the Century. The battle would be between Jack Johnson, the first African American to hold the title of world’s heavyweight boxing champion, and Jim Jeffries, the former champion who had retired undefeated. This collection of contemporary newspaper articles, editorial cartoons and interviews reveals the racial tensions and societal pressures surrounding one of the most significant events in Nevada history.

Content Warning: The language and images contained in this book are reprinted for historical accuracy and depict ethnic and racial prejudices in 1910 American society. The use of these sources contributes to understanding the history of injustice suffered by people of color throughout American history.