Record Collection

The Vinyl Record Collection

The museum’s history collection contains vinyl records in many formats – 6”, singles, 12”, LPs, albums, 78s – that are related to Las Vegas. Some are under copyright of the original artists and record companies, however many were recorded by local individuals, schools, churches, and glee clubs. These represent a slice of history that cannot be reproduced and should the discs warp or accidentally be damaged, then they carry the risk that they would never be heard again.

With that in mind, the museum decided to embark on a project to digitize its record collection. Made possible through a donation from the Friends of NSMLV and specifically Bob and Joan Whitely, a digitizing record player was acquired. This allows us to play the records and simultaneously digitally record the sound in a format (MP3). Together with Amber Ruleas, from the UNLV Regent Service program, procedures were established procedures to digitize and cataloged these records – many being listened to for the first time in decades. At this time, the project is slowly making progress due to resource restrictions, but every effort is being made to continue to digitize the remainder of the collection.

These recordings include Las Vegas High School graduation speeches from the 1950s, the West Charleston Elementary School Choir in 1967, and the Sam Melchionne Quartet at the Desert Inn Hotel and Casino to name just a few.

Click on the images below to enjoy some snippets of those recordings.

“It’s Good to be Back Home” – Miss USA Pageant – date unknown

West Charleston Elementary School Choir,
April 1967

Battista’s Hole In The Wall Music

Rancho High School Madrigal Singers, Christmas 1969

“Live from the Sky Room” by the Sam Melchionne Quartet

Las Vegas High School, 1953 graduation speeches

“I Have A Dream” by Darwin Lamb