Greetings from Las Vegas: Growth of a City Through Postcards

06/07/2024 |Featured Exhibit|

June 7, 2024 – September 30, 2024

“Greetings from Las Vegas: Growth of a City Through Postcards” offers an intriguing way to explore our city’s rich history. The extensive postcard collection offers a window into the past, showing the transformation of the city from a railroad stop into the major tourist destination that it is today. 

Take a journey through early Las Vegas, downtown, motor courts and small motels, the Strip, and around town. Along the way, you’ll learn about the city’s early community, its transition into the “entertainment capital of the world,” and its continuing evolution.

The diverse collection is sure to surprise, delight and transport you back in time. And it might just inspire you to send a few cards of your own!

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