Nevada Animals Trunk with contents
Nevada Animals Trunk with contents

This trunk introduces students to some of the animals found in Nevada and the areas they call home.

Explore the different habitat types found in Nevada and discover the adaptations animals have made in order to  survive – from both the heat of the desert or the cold of the mountains!  

Click here for a slideshow all about Nevadan habitats

Inside the trunk you will find books, animal pelts (real), animal skulls (replicas), animals preserved in acrylic blocks (real), animal scat (replicas), habitat jars with corresponding plastic animals, and puppets. For a full list of contents with images, click here

Click here for the teachers handbook with suggested activities

Life cycle of a frog
Life cycle of a frog

While the focus is on Nevadan animals, the beauty of this trunk is that you can create your own activities about related topics, such as:

  • Nevada Geography
  • Life Cycles
  • Adaptations and Evolution
  • Structure and Function
  • Food Webs