Researchers, please read the following and complete the registration form

Covid-19 Update

NSMLV Researcher Covid Protocols

In order to maintain a safe and healthy environment, NSMLV has developed a set of rules and guidelines to minimize the potential for transmission of COVID-19. Researchers who fail to follow the guidelines will not be able to conduct research at the museum.

  1. All in-person researchers must register once a year.
  2. You are encouraged to work with curators  to provide remote research assistance.
  3. In-person appointments are available Tuesday – Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.
  4. You must schedule your appointment at least two working days in advance to give museum employees adequate time to alert Springs Preserve Security and to ensure that your work area will be sanitized before your arrival.
  5. Please be detailed in your research request so that museum employees can prepare for your visit. Due to staffing shortages, we may not be able to pull additional material during your visit.
  6. Research appointments are limited to 4 hours per day.
  7. No more than two researchers per party. You must include the names of both researchers when you request an appointment.
  8. The museum has limited hours due to a reduced budget and staffing cuts. This means that when you visit, you probably will not have access to the galleries. Currently, the galleries are open Saturday and Sunday, 10 am to 4 pm.

When You Arrive

  1. Be prepared to wait for security at the front gate of the Springs Preserve (just off Valley View) and have your identification ready. Tell them you have an appointment at the Nevada State Museum Research Library. If the gate is closed, call the number on the sign and tell them who you are and that you have an appointment at the museum.
  2. Drive to the upper parking lot to access the museum.
  3. If the pedestrian gate (labeled “Vendors”)  to the museum is closed, use the code provided by the librarian.
  4. The librarian will meet you at the front doors of the museum 5 minutes before your appointment. 

In addition to the above, researchers must also follow the general Covid protocols for accessing the museum:

  • STAY HOME if you have a fever or other symptoms of COVID-19 such as dry cough, diarrhea, or flu-like symptoms.
  • Use hand sanitizer (available in the library).


Rules for Use of Museum Materials

  1. All researchers must submit a registration form on their initial visit to Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas. Thereafter, they are only required to sign the daily register at the front desk.
  2. Researchers who are conducting intensive research, particularly within collection areas, may be required to register as volunteers.
  3. Researcher information will be kept private within the museum. However, in the event that museum staff suspect activities that violate the Federal Land Policy & Management Act, the Native American Graves Protection & Repatriation Act, the Archaeological Resources Protection Act, and any other federal, state, and local laws protecting cultural resources, researcher information will be shared with the relevant agency. In addition, should there be a reason to believe that any material being provided may be used unethically, or in such a way that its use could be misinterpreted, then museum curators reserve the right to reject a research request.
  4. Researchers viewing collections must make an appointment. After confirming the appointment, responsible curators will work with researchers to determine which collections will be viewed.
  5. All materials (unless otherwise arranged) must be viewed in the library reading room.
  6. No food, beverages, or tobacco products are allowed in collection areas or the reading room.
  7. Personal belongings such as briefcases, backpacks, laptop sleeves, and coats must be stored in the lockers provided before researchers are allowed access to material.
  8. Talking on cellular phones is not allowed in the reading room – the area is small and phone conversations can be disruptive to staff and other researchers. Please leave the area if you are making a phone call or if you receive an incoming call so that you will not disturb other researchers.
  9. To protect materials from potential damage, only PENCIL is allowed for note taking. The use of ink pens is NOT allowed.
  10. All items must be handled with care. Researchers must not trace, write on, or fold materials. Please handle all materials flat on the table.
  11. Original photographs must remain in their protective sleeves. Gloves will be provided for handling other photographic material such as negatives and slides if they are not sleeved.
  12. Permission to use, for any purpose, must be granted by the Curator and the researcher may be asked to sign a Use Release Document. Use may be set for a specific publication of a book, film or TV program, or for a limited time period. Any subsequent re-use requires the researcher to request permission again.
  13. Any agreement for use only covers materials that belong to Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas. In such instances, Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas represents and warrants that it is the copyright owner of the images, or is otherwise the authorized representative of the images and no other third party’s license, permission or clearance is required for the Nevada State Museum to grant the rights granted in a Photo Release Agreement. For any other materials, the researcher is responsible for deciding whether their use of the items is legal. The researcher is also responsible for securing any permissions needed to use the items. Researchers may also need permission from holders of other rights, such as publicity and/or privacy rights. Patrons are responsible for contacting other institutions that may own copyright to images in our collection.
  14. Researchers are permitted to photograph most material according to posted copyright regulations under the supervision of museum staff. Reproduction via self –scanning or taking images by tablet & phone cameras is allowed. Laptops and scanners are subject to inspection by staff. There is no charge for use of cameras or scanners. However, staff may forbid the use of cameras or scanners if you mishandle material, or if your equipment poses any risk to our materials or causes disruption in our reading room. NO FEEDER SCANNERS ARE ALLOWED.
  15. Depending on final use, there may be licensing fees. Consult a curator for more information.
  16. Any photocopies will be handled by museum staff. We reserve the right to prevent duplication of materials if it will damage materials or violate copyright. Photocopies of research material are 25 cents per page. If more than 5 photocopies are required, researcher must return at a later date to pick up copies.
  17. If your research results in a publication, please consider donating a copy to the museum so that it can be archived for use by future researchers.
  18. All materials from NSMLV must be cited similar to: “Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas,” such credit shall be analogous in form and placement to similar content providers..
  19. The museum reserves the right to refuse or limit the use of materials. Curators may limit the use of material to a specific number of boxes/folders/items at once so as to limit handling.
  20. Failure to observe museum regulations may be cause for denial of access.

last updated April 17, 2020

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