Papers of H.H. Johnson, 1908 – 1918

mining map of the Enterprise Group
Map of Enterprise Group in Eldorado Canyon (in MS 011)

This collection is comprised of the business records of Johnsons’s newspaper, the Eldorado Canyon Miner, which was published at Eldorado Canyon (Nelson postoffice), Clark County, Nevada, in 1917, together with records of the Eldorado Enterprise Gold Mining Company and the Lucky Maid Silver, Lead and Zinc Mining Company, both of which Johnson served as secretary.

The mining company records consist of location notices, proofs of labor claims, deeds, correspondence, articles of incorporation, stock certificates, records of stock sales and transfers, oaths of company officers, prospectuses and miscellaneous financial documents. Among officers and stockholders of the mining companies whose activities are noted are Ed W. Clark, Thomas Clark (president of the Lucky Maid), T.L. Murphy, Roy W. Martin, George A. Fayle, Fred A. Hale, Jr., E.P. Jeanes (president of Eldorado Enterprise), Clark M. Alvord, W.W. Coop, R.T. Leonards and C.E.L. Gresh. Also included is letterhead stationery of the Eldorado Canyon Publicity Association, listing officers.


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Eldorado Canyon Miner
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Alvord, Clark M.
Clark, Ed W.
Clark, Thomas
Coop, W.W.
Fayle, George A.
Gresh, C.E.L.
Hale, Jr., Fred A.
Jeanes, E.P.
Johnson, H.H.
Leonards, R.T.
Martin, Roy W.
Murphy, T.L.