Johnnie Mining and Milling Company, 1905 – 1911

The Records of the Johnnie Mining and Milling company date from 1905 to 1911.Records include: correspondence (1905-1909), monthly reports (1910-1911); an annual report issued in April of 1905; a report of costs and recovery per ton of ore milled (1908-1910); a lease agreement form; and other miscellaneous records of the firm (and its predecessor Johnnie Consolidated Gold Mining Company, 1905-1906).

The Johnnie Mine was located at Johnnie in southern Nye County, Nevada. Some of the individuals represented in the collection are Carl Anderson, G.F. Moser, A.D. Myers, Carl F. Schader and Jerry Rourke.

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Nye County, NV

Anderson, Carl
Moser, G.F.
Myers, A.D.
Schader, Carl F.
Rourke, Jerry