Rocks and Minerals

Discover a wide selection of rock and mineral related gifts in our store.  Crystals are said to alleviate stress, others purportedly improve concentration or creativity, buy them singularly or as part of a Chakra Tree, which includes stones related to the seven different chakras that have positive energy and purportedly healing properties.   There is also a wide variety of books to support lapidary and rockhounding needs.

Large Amethyst, $45
Large Amethyst, $45
Polished Agate Candle Holders from $25
Polished Agate Candle Holders, $25
Chakra Tree $15
Chakra Tree, $15
Assorted Tumbled Stones .25 each
Assorted Tumbled Stones, 25 cents each
Small crystals, $5 Selection includes amethyst, rose quartz, aurora crystals, pyrite, silicon carbon, fluorite, and petrified wood.
Small crystals, $5