Obsidian & Neon: Celebrating Black Life and Identity in Las Vegas

02/01/2019 | Hallway Galleries | Special Events Hallway

Obsidian & Neon: Celebrating Black Life and Identity in Las Vegas is a photo-narrative exhibition of large-scale black and white photography by award-winning photojournalist Jeff Scheid, accompanied by narrative profiles curated by writer Erica Vital-Lazare. Featuring such figures as Judge Karen Bennett-Haron; Welfare Rights activist and Director of Operation Life Ruby Duncan; performer China Hudson; Managing Principal Energy Works LLC Rose McKinney-James; Comedienne A.K McMorris; and former Nevada State Senator Joe Neal, this exhibit is an exploration and celebration of community members who are actively mining identity and cultivating Black life in Las Vegas.

Mr. Scheid and Ms. Vital-Lazare will debut six new profile exhibits at the Nevada State Museum Las Vegas on February 1st 2020.

In parallel, the current exhibit will be on display at Terminal 1, McCarran International Airport. This is a new endeavor for McCarren and their first art exhibit in the terminal ever. A preview of this will also be available at the NSMLV library.

In addition to welcoming the exhibit, the museum will present a series of Saturday afternoon forums featuring panels and discussions led by principal subjects of Obsidian & Neon. Panels will explore issues and movements within the black community.

The exhibits and lecture series are made possible through a sponsorship by Bank of America.

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