Las Vegas; Wedding Capital of the World

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Las Vegas; Wedding Capital of the World

In celebration of the 5 millionth wedding license being issued in Clark County, we have selected a traditional western wedding dress from our collections.

This wedding dress dates back to the post World War 2 era of the early 1950s during a time when ready-to-wear garments from a department store were more likely to be a bride’s choice than having their dress made for them.

This dress was purchased in 1952 in Los Angeles, and features a scoop neckline, small fitted waist and full skirt that was the classic silhouette for most of this decade.  New synthetic materials meant that brides could reproduce the look of expensive handmade lace, silks and satins for a fraction of the price.  This dress is made from several different manufactured fabrics: the lace skirt is arranged over pleated tulle and the lining is taffeta.

Ref: VM-3148-002, donor Jean Gregory

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