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We selected three dresses, and some accessories, that epitomize the eras in which they were made and worn.  Although fashions have changed from the understated elegance of the post-depression years of the late thirties to the glitz of the swinging sixties to the shiny fabric detailing of the seventies, dressing up for a special evening event has never altered.   

Whatever the occasion a little glitz and glamour goes a long way! 

We would like to thank the Friends of the Nevada State Museum Las Vegas and specifically Dr. Linda Miller and Suzanna Scott in remembrance of her mother, Teresa Scott, for their donations to purchase the special archival mannequins that have been used for this exhibit.  

Exhibits include:

Beaded Evening Gown, 1969
Ornately beaded black and gold evening gown designed by legendary fashion designer Bob Mackie. Worn by Karen (Esslinger) Salamon as a contestant in the 1969 Miss NV-Universe Contest held at Caesar’s Palace. Karan won the contest!

Evening Gown and Cape, 1972
Bespoke pink and gold evening gown and matching cape with hood made from a quilted paisley fabric worn to the Inaugural Ball of Nevada Governor Donal Neil “Mike” O’Callaghan by the donor’s mother Mrs. Carlino.

Velvet Peplum Dress, 1930s
Black velvet peplum ankle length dress with beading and rhinestones in a floral pattern edging the sleeves, peplum, and bodice.

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