Eclectic Nevada Exhibit

2019-09-04 | Changing Gallery
photograph wall in Eclectic Nevada exhibit


Eclectic Nevada Flyer - open through May 2020Explore more…from communications to coyotes, maps to motorcycle, desert adaptations to derby car!

Those who think Nevada is little but sagebrush and alkali dust mixed with an occasional swath of neon will want to check out our new exhibit.

A year in the making, “Eclectic Nevada,” is an interactive and bi-lingual exhibit that showcases the wide-ranging diversity of the state from coyotes to communications, desert adaptations to soap box derby cars, maps to motorbikes.

Visitors will be able to peruse the largest photograph exhibit the museum has ever presented, including, never-before-seen images of Hoover Dam constructions, railroads and Las Vegas locals. Photographs also tell the story of the Las Vegas Strip from the 1970s showing many properties no longer in existence.

There are also interactive components of the exhibit, including typing on a typewriter, writing cursive on a chalkboard and stroking the pelts of Nevada animals on the museum’s “Fur Real” wall panel.

The exhibit includes texts written in both English and Spanish.

Open until May 31st 2020

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