Cahlan Research Library to Close Temporarily

The Cahlan Research Library will be closed to the public from December 23 – April 3. Our curator will be on personal leave and the library will be unable to fulfill requests during that time. You may still submit research requests through the Research page of the website, but they will not be completed until […]

1940s Map of Henderson, NV

This map, from our our collections was created by Woodruff’s Basic Photo of Henderson, NV, and shows the Basic townsite built to house workers of Basic Magnesium, Inc. (BMI). BMI opened in 1942 to process magnesium needed for WWII.  It created a migration of out of town workers and their families to the area, so […]
Manhattan Mining District Map 1917

1917 Map of Manhattan Mining District

While today Manhattan, NV is considered a ghost town, it once was a thriving mining area as this Manhattan Mining District map from 1917 shows. Located on the slope of Bald Mountain, its origins began with a silver strike in the 1860s, although this was depleted by 1890s. In 1900 gold was found, the town […]

Adult’s Chair Yoga

Adult’s Chair Yoga @ the Museum Get your energy flowing by joining us for this 8 week program of chair yoga. What is Chair Yoga? Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga that can be done sitting on a chair or standing on the ground while using the chair for support.  Benefits of chair […]

Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga @ the Museum Help your kids build their bodies and minds by joining us for an 8 week program of kids yoga in collaboration with Om Shanti Kids. There are many benefits of teaching young children yoga and they all have a positive impact on children’s well-being. Yoga helps children manage their anxiety. […]

International Clown Week

In celebration of International Clown Week, the first week in August, from our collections, we have a 1966 film clip of the George Moro dancers at the Sahara Hotel and Casino in 1966. This features slapstick circus clowns performing to the music from the prior year’s hit ‘Everyone Loves a Clown’ by Gary Lewis & […]

1950s Map of Las Vegas

1950s Map of Las Vegas From our map collection, we have this map of Las Vegas, from the late 1950s, captures the Strip at a unique time. The map shows the Royal Nevada, the Dunes and the Riviera, all of which opened in 1955 to varying degrees of success. The Royal Nevada would eventually close […]

1991 Cartoon Map of Las Vegas

1991 Cartoon Map of Las Vegas From our map collection, this cartoon styled map of Las Vegas was produced in 1991. Some of the landmarks depicted are still around today, such as the Excalibur, Tropicana and Ethel M., and the Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas when it was at its old location in Lorenzi Park. […]