1917 Map of Manhattan Mining District

While today Manhattan, NV is considered a ghost town, it once was a thriving mining area as this Manhattan MiningManhattan Mining District Map 1917 District map from 1917 shows. Located on the slope of Bald Mountain, its origins began with a silver strike in the 1860s, although this was depleted by 1890s. In 1900 gold was found, the town of Manhattan was established five years later and the population boomed to more than 4000 people. Manhattan became one of the most productive gold districts in Nevada history, but eventually the gold became uneconomical to mine and the people moved on.
This mining district map is one of a number we have in our collections, as well as a gold necklace on exhibit in our galleries, made of one large and 33 small gold nuggets found in Manhattan, NV in 1930s. The nuggets were made into a necklace by Luke and Vondey Jewelers, San Bernardino, CA, in 1978 along with a bracelet and earrings.
Manhattan Mining District Map 1917