An Afternoon with Judge Lloyd D. George

Tuesday November 15
Time 11:30am   
Please RSVP to Joe Thomson at or  702-656-8738

Judge George arrived in the Las Vegas Valley as a two year old in June 1933 when the family moved from Idaho for better business opportunities for his father William, who was in the sand and gravel business. Judge George has led an exemplary life with many professional accomplishments listed below, highlighted with the distinction of having the downtown federal building named after him as the Lloyd D. George United States Courthouse. Lloyd has humble beginnings starting with a small home on Glider Street and is a proud graduate of Las Vegas High School class of 1948. Nestled between his high school days and the federal courthouse that now towers above that high school is a remarkable life filled with stories of challenge and the pure love of life. Please join us for some story-telling and a glimpse into the noteworthy adventures of Judge Lloyd D. George.

Judge George was a pilot in the United States Air Force. He received his bachelor of science degree in 1955 from Brigham Young University, and his J.D. degree in 1961 from the University of California at Berkeley. Upon graduating, he returned to Las Vegas where he built a successful private practice. In 1974, Judge George was appointed to the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Nevada. In 1996, Judge George was selected to represent the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit as a member of the Judicial Conference of the United States, the national policy-making and management body of the federal judiciary.

Judge George has distinguished himself as an expert in the organization of the judiciary. While serving on the International Judicial Relations Committee from 1993 to 1997, participating in numerous seminars and lectured on constitutional issues and court structure in Eastern Europe and the nations of the former Soviet Union. Lloyd has also been a board member of the Federal Judicial Center (the education and research arm of the federal judiciary) where he served for four years with Chief Justice Warren Burger.

Judge George was appointed United States District Judge for the District of Nevada by President Ronald Reagan in May 1984. He served as Chief United States District Judge from 1992 to 1997, and assumed senior status in December 1997.